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It’s all so confusing

The government is doing it very best to give out incentives, but they make it so hard to comply, or get your head around. And with so many employers feeling long term fatigue from not only the ongoing pandemic, but from attempting to keep up with all the incentives,...

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JobMaker Hiring Credit scheme open for applications

Businesses will now be able to register for the JobMaker Hiring Credit scheme ahead of the first quarterly claim period starting in February next year. Under the scheme, eligible businesses can access the payment for up to 12 months for each eligible additional...

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$250m Jobs Plus plan announced to lure businesses to NSW

$250 million jobs program to lure domestic and international businesses to relocate their head offices to NSW or expand their jobs footprint in this state has been announced by the NSW Premier. The Jobs Plus Program, which is part of the 2020–21 NSW budget, aims to...

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