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We know that navigating your way through the multitude of government funded schemes can be a daunting prospect. RevMax has a tried and tested approach to unlocking these funding opportunities for your business.
How does this work?

Revmax takes a snap shot of your business and devise what government incentives are on offer for you to claim at that current time, as they are always changing.

What information do we need to give you? Here

We work off a simple set of questions that we provide you, in a simple format for each candidate, this can be hard or soft format. From this we can apply the various matrix’s and maximise the amount of subsidies eligible for your business.

How is RevMax reimbursed?

RevMax does not charge an upfront fee, we are so confident that we will make you money and find you available funding, that we only invoice a ‘percentage fee’ once the money arrives in your bank account, paid by the government. No win, no fee.

When does Revmax invoice?

As soon as we have applied for your funding, we will invoice you simultaneously with the subsidy funds paid by the government, preventing any cash flow issues.

Do I need to guarantee the hours my new employee will undertake?

No, we understand that you cannot guarantee hours worked by your staff, but you will endeavour to put a candidate into a role that is ongoing and at least 20 hours a week.  

If the role is not suitable, we do not start the claim.

What happens if my new employee doesn’t work out?

You will be eligible for a pro-rata invoice in most cases, there is never a penalty and you get to keep the incentive you have earned.

What is a pro-rata payment and how is it decided?

It’s devised on how much the government scheme is worth and when milestones have been reached.  It is usually a portion of the money on offer.

What available subsidies exist?

RevMax tap into a multitude of schemes. We look at your location Metro/ Rural/ State and Federal funding and will advise you of the most suitable scheme and in some cases, which schemes allow you to submit multiple claims.

What is the catch?

There is no catch, there is no hidden agenda. We are not affiliated with any specific JobActive provider or training company, which means we will always provide unbiased advice in the best interest of our clients.  We pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible. We simply explore a market that has always existed but has been complicated by lack of government promotion and government bureaucracy and red tape – our team of experts break all this down and shed light on what is available and what you are entitled to as an employer.

Why doesn’t the Government tell us this?

Government is great at developing projects, but it does fall short in promoting it to the public, it’s hard to find something you don’t know you are looking for.

How do you know this stuff?

The team at RevMax thoroughly research and work closely with government departments on behalf of multiple clients each and every day and have done so for over 20 years. It is our business to know what is going to be the most lucrative avenue for our clients.

What about privacy?

RevMax gain authority from both employer and candidate to search and track government subsidies on their behalf, information is not sent, sold or stored unnecessarily.

How much will I make?

Many factors will determine how much you are entitled to claim. It will ultimately come down to your candidate database. The types of roles you have on offer, who is hiring and for how long are just some of the factors that are analysed when searching for government incentives.

Can you find me candidates who identify as indigenous?

RevMax work all over Australia and we assist with indigenous roles for specific projects. RevMax use their network to obtain suitable staff and additional Indigenous mentoring, depending on the project.

Can you find me candidates in rural or remote areas?

RevMax have an extensive network of companies that we tap into to assist our clients both in metro and rural areas in each state.

Is eligibility and available schemes different in each state?

The Government run both State and Federal programs, many are under different departments, that run independently of each other. It is this system and structure that creates the maze of complicated government funding that we work within, to find what you are eligible to claim.

How long am I signed up for?

You are not locked into any contracts and you can depart at any time. Clients stay due to the additional revenue and the access to knowledge. You are not missing any new schemes introduced to the market, we ensure you are compliant in all claims, and you are not increasing your internal staff head count, or training staff on the forever changing landscape of government incentives – we take the burden away.

Do I have to hire through you?

Absolutely not, RevMax check every new employee who walk through your door, even if it’s the neighbours relative, you never know who is eligible for some current government scheme.

Can I still keep my relationships with providers?

RevMax does not wish to intrude or meddle in your established relationships, we encourage and will assist you to build more, we ensure that you tap into all that is on offer.

What types of businesses do you work with?

RevMax can work with any type of business or agency, from a 1 person organisation to and organisation of 10,000, so long as you have a paid employee we can work together.

What type of job do they need to do?

Any type of job can earn you government funding, so long as the candidate is paid.

Does your report cover who you are claiming for me?

RevMax provides transparent reports each month, so you know exactly who we are claiming for, how much revenue we have raised on your behalf, and also what employees you should consider keeping employed, so you can reach the milestones for payment.

As a recruiter, do you contact my host/client?

RevMax never contacts a host, we work with the legal employer and the employer deals with the host.

Do you contact the candidate I am employing?

RevMax does not contact the candidate, we work with the legal employer and you deal with your candidate.

Can you handle all government schemes?

RevMax will advise which schemes we can tap into for your business, the majority of the schemes we work with are around the hiring and training of new staff.

Can I get money for candidates that I have found myself?

Yes absolutely, one of the biggest misconceptions and mistakes companies make, is to think they are only eligible for a government incentive if they have engaged a person through a JobActive (government contracted) Provider, this is not the case.

Can you organise training as well?

Yes absolutely, we take an unbiased approach to which registered training organisation to engage for your education needs. We can advise you of the most suitable course available and any associated funding both state and federal, rather than only what one registered training organisation has on scope to deliver.

Can I do a pre-employment course and can you organise this?

You may be able to enrol new hires into pre-employment courses, this is assessed on an individual bases and relevant to the type of position and staff numbers at the time.


Can I get PPE / medicals / Drug and Alcohol tests paid for?

Yes absolutely, if the candidate is eligible, RevMax can assist in getting these paid for.

Why don’t companies explore government funding opportunities for themselves?

As a simple and sound analogy, think of RevMax like a Tax Agent, which we can all relate to. Like tax, but on a much more complicated level (due to lack of government promotion, government bureaucracy and red tape associated with government incentives) it is possible to explore in your own time, however, with RevMax, you have the peace of mind knowing that we will search and work everything in your favour to get you the best return and doing so compliantly. In our experience, we have found that in some companies, there are staff that have an idea of what government subsidies exist but are rarely up to date with continually changing information, whilst the remainder of the team are left in the dark.  Once you allow your staff to focus on what you have hired them for, you can sit back and confidently know you are going to receive all that you should, without leaving any funding on table. The activity and revenue gained on your behalf, is neatly provided to you in a monthly report for other staff, shareholders or interested parties to consume.

What is the first step?

The first step is to simply give us a call so we can get a better understanding of your business, so we can begin to devise a way forward.