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Our People

Janelle Paterson

An extra-ordinary leader, Janelle prides herself on leading by example. She’s driven by the goals of finding new and amazing ways of helping all businesses, and always being in the know so her clients don’t need to be. She loves to celebrate each and every client win, big or small. In her spare time you’ll find her scuba diving or dog training!

Nicole Thorsby
Government Relations Employment Coordinator

Nicole finds nothing more satisfying than maximising revenue for her clients, and enjoys the team morale of the RevMax office. Outside of the office she loves spending time with friends.

Kyrene Cabena
Team Leader Client Services

Kyrenes driving force at RevMax is to ensure that her clients lives are always made that little bit easier. Kyrene’s motto is “let’s do it together”! She loves nothing more than enjoying a hot coffee and spending time with her two daughters.

Kylie Melrose
Workforce Employment Coordinator

Kylie focussing on ensuring she’s always making the right connections, to the benefit of her clients and she loves the fact that there is always something new to learn in this fast paced environment. Outside of work she loves to enjoy a cocktail or two and prides herself on growing beautiful sunflowers.

Aaron Woods
Client Relationship manager

Aaron enjoys building and nurturing relationships with RevMax clients and discovering ways that clients can tap into the abundance of unutilised government incentives that clients are entitled to but often go unclaimed. Aaron appreciates living by the ocean and enjoying all the outdoor activities that come with it, that he and his young family can enjoy.

Gabrielle Koutsoukis

Client Services Coordinator

A youth worker, Gabrielle brings a wealth of insight to the RevMax team. She loves nothing more than ensuring all clients are looked after, efficiently getting the job done. Gabrielle loves working with the RevMax team and in her spare time, travel is her #1 love!

Janelle’s Story

Janelle has been working in the recruitment sector for over 20 years. Her experience spans multiple platforms working in Recruitment, Human Resources and Project Management.

“It was from working across these industries that it became abundantly clear that many government schemes and funding opportunities went unnoticed every day. Through working closely with our clients, myself and my ever expanding team of talented staff, are uncovering these schemes to maximise funding opportunities.”