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It’s all so confusing

28 January 2021

The government is doing it very best to give out incentives, but they make it so hard to comply, or get your head around.

And with so many employers feeling long term fatigue from not only the ongoing pandemic, but from attempting to keep up with all the incentives, JobMaker, JobKeeper, JobTrainer, boost and list goes on and on. 

JobKeeper has been a lifeline for some business’s whilst others did not qualify.  Those that did are also under the pump to ensure they have remained compliant and with media regularly reporting how companies are being forced to give back incentives where they were later found to be ineligible.

Many companies outsource roles and responsibilities, including accountancy, however even the accountants are finding it hard to keep up with all the schemes that have entered the market. JobMaker was released way before the information support forms made it to the government websites.  The Boost scheme is lagging 20 days behind on claims, with schemes often released into the media before they have the documentation to support them.

The incentives are the lifeline many businesses need right now, but the red tape can make it harder to navigate what you should be doing and in what order.

 RevMax is an advisory service which sorts out what you are eligible for and what you are not and does all the paperwork, eligibility and compliance to ensure you not only find, but get to keep your incentives.

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