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Did you know…

that your organisation could earn up to $6,500 for taking on a new staff member or that hiring a person over 50 could earn you an additional $10,000? The name RevMax simply speaks for itself, we work to maximise your businesses revenue.

RevMax takes a snapshot of your business and determines which government incentives are currently applicable to you. As government incentives and schemes are always changing and evolving, our experienced team always has its finger on the pulse. This allows us to always offer up the best solutions for your organisation.

RevMax not only works with Australian Businesses but recruitment agencies.

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A few of our clients

RevMax services a range of national clients over a wide industry base.

“Working with RevMax has enabled us to maximise our revenue by tapping into incentives and subsides that we didn’t know about. Thanks to RevMax, we are now much more competitive and our business has grown as a result.”
Tom Reardon Director AWX

“Before Revmax, as a business person, I was completely unaware of the various government funding initiatives available. Understanding and navigating the continually changing landscape of government funding can also be incredibly distracting for non-core business activity. Janelle and the Revmax team ensure our business teams are not distracted while delivering incredible value. Whatever the size of your business, it should be engaged with Revmax”
Tom Strachan Director Packhorse

“People are always knocking on my door trying to sell me what they have to offer whether it suits my business or not, this is the first time a business has asked me what I do and then tells me what I am missing out on, without changing my business, thus turning my HR from a cost centre to a profit centre”
Clare MacGinley Business Manager APL

“RevMax means that I can drive my business units the way I need to without distraction, confidently knowing that we are capturing all that we are entitled to. The additional revenue has exceeded my expectations, the more we grow, the more we derive through this initiative. Highly recommend”
Jamie Ginders Director Meat Processors

“RevMax increased our revenue without having to make any changes to the company. Great business decision”
Simon Small COO Packhorse Holdings

“Janelle Paterson and the Revmax team deliver outstanding business solutions to the recruitment Industry. Revmax are experts in tracking, finding incentives and subsidies for all levels of skills classifications. There are many service offerings in the market however they are all quite narrow in their capabilities. Revmax is truly a one stop shop.”
Col Levander Managing Director Rec Tech Solutions