We know that navigating your way through the multitude of government funded schemes can be a daunting prospect. RevMax has a tried and tested approach to unlocking these funding opportunities for your business.

Will it cost me anything?

There is no upfront cost. RevMax only charge an admin fee once an incentive has been claimed. If there are no incentives, subsidies or funding available, the cost is FREE!

How come I don’t know about this
if it’s the government?

Both the State and Federal Government have many schemes across a range of Government Departments. Individual funding schemes are accessed through each Department and there is no one simple website that captures and summarises all the various schemes. In addition, funding schemes change each financial year or with a change of government. RevMax has a tried and tested approach to monitoring the ever changing landscape of schemes, tailoring it to your business model.

I employ a lot of casual staff – are there
incentives for my business?

Yes, it does not matter if your staff are casual or permanent there are many different incentives available for all employment types.

I don’t have much time as a manager
and owner, will it take up my time?

No, RevMax deals predominately with the person doing payroll, in-house or external. We track the milestones and submit the claims on your behalf. We also provide you with reports so that you can track your upcoming incentives in a timely manner.

i am a labour hire agency. can you help me?

Definitely! RevMax specialises in accessing untapped funds for casual and permanent staff – incentives can allow you to be more price competitive when tendering.

is revmax a registered training organisation?

No we are not, this allows us to be unbiased when choosing the best solution for value when searching nationally for any training needs you may have.

is revmax a job active agency?

No, RevMax is a consultancy firm. We work with many state and national Job Active Agencies as part of our offering.